Review: Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Ultra Firm Finishing Hairspray

THE SUN IS OUT, YAY! That means it’s time to style; without fear of ruined do’s by rain, snow or wind. I’m ready for you, summer.  

Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Ultra Firm Finishing Hairspray, UK Beauty Blog

They say:

Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce is your last touch super strong-hold hairspray. Ideal for medium and heavy hair textures, this ultra-firm finishing hairspray provides dry-hold and shape to your hair; because fiercely dressed hair won’t let you down.

I say:

For years I used L’Oreal Elnett (take it in turns to send me some abuse - I deserve it) but I grew tired of the baby sick smell (vom).  I even tried using waxes or gels to hold a style but they was too heavy. This in turn caused my beachy waves to drop like an unwanted ice cream… (that is when I strike… nomnomnom free ice cream #loljk).

I was recently sent the Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Hairspray to have a play with.

Sebastian Professional claim to “deliver ultra firm, all day, dry hold” which should “freeze my style so it holds up until dawn”. If you know me well you will know that I’m no Disco Stu. Do I really need a hairspray that overestimates my social life? It appears that I do.

This hairspray is like sprayable concrete. When I use this on my curls (my style of choice for summer, don’t cha know), they last all day; from 07:30am to around 6:00pm.

Whilst it does a cracking good job of freezing my hair, I find that using too much of it can make my hair feel rather odd, and it doesn’t exactly “brush out” so to speak.  If I use a lot, I find my hair feels stereotypically crispy and hard but yet my style… it lasts.   I find that if I have used a lot, I need to wash my hair at the end of the day as the next morning it can be quite unmanageable. I generally counter this by giving my hair a gentle spray of this so that my follicles can live another day. Whilst my curls won’t be as impressive nearing freedom time 5pm, at least I’m not messing around washing it yet again (which isn’t good for your hair!)

I would recommend this to guys and gals that are going to quite a fancy shindig and need to look Fierce (see what I did there?) all night long. If you don’t mind washing your hair the day after you can afford to use a generous amount and REALLY lock in that style.

If you’re worried about smelling like the innards of a baby’s nappy, fear not. This hairspray doesn’t try to be sophisticated with a fragrance; it smells normal *phew!* (it was really hard to smell this without looking like a solvent abuser, the sacrifices I make for you guys!).

In terms of reviewing I would give it 4/5. Whilst it does hold my style I’m a bit disappointed it doesn’t brush out. Oh well, I can’t have the world!

If the sound of this hairspray rocks your boat, you can pick it up for £12.33 at Look Fantastic. Whilst it may look expensive upon first glance, you get 400ml of product. I was sent a sample size of 50ml so can you imagine how long this would last?

What’s your favourite hairspray? Do you have any recommendations?

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 Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Hairspray (50ml) was provided to me for consideration/review by Look Fantastic. 

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