Maybelline Favourites!

This will be quite a short post today! Apologies in advance :(

1) The Falsies Mascara

It seems like ages since I’ve used this mascara! (Note to self, pick one up) I found it really opened up my eyes and the brush made it super easy to curl my lashes.   (Full review to come when I re-purchase!) 

2) One by One Mascara

This is always going to be a favourite mascara of mine.   It makes my lashes look multiplied but not clumpy!   (Review here).

3) Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

This is the only gel eyeliner on the market that I’ve tried, but I am not tempted to go elsewhere.  I only need a small amount of product to do both of my eyes and I still have loooads left!   I think it may genuinely last me a long time.   (Review here).

4) Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

This makes my face look so dewy and smooth.  I only need a small amount of foundation to do my entire face and I find the formula so creamy.   I definitely need to repurchase this soon time soon as I’ve just recently finished the bottle.  (Full review to come when I have repurchased!).

5) Dream Matte Powder

This is probably the only powder that sets my make up without leaving my face flaky and cakey!  This is definitely a staple in my make up bag as I don’t see the reason to buy from another brand.   (Full review coming soon!)

6) The Colossal Mascara

This reminds me so much of Clinique High Impact for half of the price!   It really does make my lashes look like false eyelashes.   I used this up until the very last smudge as I am just in love with it.   (Full review to come when I repurchase!)

This may be short but I hope that it is sweet!   I’d love to know your Maybelline favourites! 


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