Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner Review

This is going to be quite a lengthy post… you have been warned!

They say:

Intense colour and lasting wear in an easy to apply gel. Get a natural or dramatic look – you choose!

I say:

Believe it or not, I’ve never really used liquid eyeliner before now.  I always used to have terrible mishaps with it, such as it getting into my eyes and giving me (literally) black eyes or I would smudge it immediately and I’d just look silly. 

However, getting older I can afford better eyeliners than the £1.00 ones I used to use… but I digress. 

Let’s get back to the review.

Opening the box, lets have a look at the goods!

The formula is very thick!  It’s not like normal liquid eyeliners which can be a bit runny. 

I love the cute little brush you get with it!

So here is me, early morning, about to set off to work.  I applied a fine line to my upper lashes to give me a bit of definition.

I must say I found it quite difficult to apply this!  I only really like a thin line on my upper lids (not really a fan of huge ones).  So what I did was hold the brush vertically, and then dabbed it on into a line (I hope I have explained this correctly!)

It does give quite good intensity, but you really have to just try and do it in one line!  Going over it just makes it go grey :(

So here is me, at 6:00pm, returning home.  How is it holding up?

Apart from me looking quite tired, it hasn’t even budged!

So I thought I would put it to the test:

On the left, it smudged to get the grey, smoky effect.  On the right, black and high intensity.   Please note to get the intensity, you’ve really got to get lots of product on the brush!

After being in the bath for a good hour… (missed the one hour Emmerdale special! Gr >:{)

…it’s still clinging on for dear life! Dearie me!

Overall, I’m going to give it 5/5! It’s got staying power, I can build it up if I choose to, which is always good as there are times you just wanna be subtle, it’s also under a tenner, I get a cute little brush with it ANDDDD as the little pot will probably last me forever as I only need to use a little bit!

And as a treat (or punishment, depending on how you feel about my blog, eek!) here’s some cool looks I came up with!

Using a thicker line on my upper lids and using it as an eyeliner on my waterline.

Using it as an eyshadow and as an eyeliner on my waterline (this look does NOT wash off easily!)

Or maybe, just emulating your favourite beauty blogger with a line on your upper lid…

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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